About Us

The pleasure in savoring sweets is something no one should give up, be it because of some sort of intolerance, or simply due to a chosen eating alternative.

From this space, Rebel Cake, we offer the usual patisserie, but not as always.

We are a group of young professionals.

mise en place

Mise en place

Two girls, master pastry chefs.

Trained and graduates of this culturally rooted millenary discipline, out of sheer vocation.

We provide our creativity and the new technical possibilities that the modern world has to offer. We enhance the product. Reaching out to palates previously banned from sweets. Anything is possible today!

mise en scene


One guy, audiovisual expert and web design enthusiast.

With his good work, dressed with a polished and professional technique, and thanks to his vision and ability to communicate through the screen, we'll be able to visually enjoy the final product.

Bringing closer to all of you, in a dance of colors, textures and movements, what your palate will relish when you prepare our recipes.

We aim to achieve the "sweet explosion" of those who love patisserie, interacting with them, through this means, so that they can enjoy sweetness, while being made by them with a little of our help.

This is a space for inclusion, it couldn't be otherwise.

Rebel Cake brings the magic of the patisserie closer, for all lifestyles, to your homes.

Welcome to the Magic, welcome to Rebel Cake.

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